Yamaha Motorcycle rent

Renting the Yamaha R6 GYTR or Yamaha R7 GYTR, to participate in a CRT or CRExperience event, is a unique opportunity which is only possible in Europe at
CRT- and CRExperience events at the TT Circuit Assen.

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The abbreviation GYTR stands for Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing.
The Yamaha R6 and R7 is completely built with GYTR parts developed by Yamaha's racing engineers.
Both motorbikes are equipped with race shifting and have and a paddock standard. If you want to rent the Yamaha with street shifting, please let the organisation know when you make the reservation.
The photo below shows which adjustments have been made to the Yamaha R6 in GYTR version.

Yamaha R6 GYTR-4.jpg


The Yamaha R6 GYTR / R7 GYTR motorcycles can only be rented for participation in CRT- and CRExperience events which are organized at the TT Circuit Assen and
the TT Junior Track Assen.
Motorcycles cannot be rented to participate in IDC races although the Yamaha R6 GYTR / R7 GYTR motorcycles are race ready.
Rental amount Yamaha R6 GYTR / R7 GYTR for the entire CRT day or CRExperience combi training is € 300.00. This amount does not include the registration fee for the CRT day or CRExperience combi training.
Rental amount per CRT session is € 60.00. This amount does not include the registration fee for the CRT session.
The deposit amount is € 800.00 and must be paid in cash in advance.

Read the attached rental contract for more information.
Rental contract Yamaha R6 GYTR / Yamaha R7 GYTR for CRT- and CRExperience events


Should you decide to buy a Yamaha R6 / R7 GYTR within 3 months after the signing of the rental agreement the full rental amount will be deducted from the purchase price by
Yamaha Motor Benelux.

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Are you interested in riding a few CRT sessions or a whole CRT day on the TT Circuit Assen on the unique Yamaha R6 / R7 in GYTR version?
Are you interested in participating in the CRExperience combi training on the Yamaha R6 / R7 in GYTR version at the TT Junior Track Assen and the TT Circuit Assen?
Send an email to Heidi: info@crtholland.nl


After riding the Yamaha R6 GYTR or Yamaha R7 GYTR have you become so enthusiastic that you want more information?
Then contact one of the official Yamaha GYTR specialists.

GYTR specialist Edwin Ott Motoren
Middelweg 17
T: 0251 – 31 50 30
E: info@ott-motoren.nl
W: https://www.ott-motoren.nl/

GYTR Pro Shop Ten Kate Motoren
Rollecate 55
7711 GG Nieuwleusen
T: 0031529-488815
E: info@tenkateracingproducts.com
W: https://www.tenkateracingproducts.com/