CRT organizes track days for motorcyclists who want to ride their own motorcycle on the TT Circuit Assen under expert guidance. For experienced track riders free riding sessions are possible on every CRT track day.
The participants ride on the same track and asphalt on which the Grand Prix and World Superbike riders also race.

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  • CRT has had experience in organizing motorcycle events since 1992.
  • CRT organizes Trackdays for motorcyclists who want to ride under expert guidance of certified CRT instructors at the TT Circuit Assen.
  • Register for riders who want to ride under guidance is possible on multiple levels
  • Free riding for the experienced trackriders is possible.
  • Experience, realize and respect the power of your bike and learn how to handle it at high speeds with the help of experienced CRT instructors.
  • There are CRT Trackdays for all types of motorcyclists. For the rider of the street, for the nice weather rider, for the all seasoned tourist and racer. CRT also offers opportunities for groups to participate in a CRT Trackday for example staff associations and brands clubs.
    Contact the CRT organization for available options.

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Track Support tyre services

The paddock service "Track Support" is present at every CRT / IDC event. Track Support has the exclusive sale and delivery of tyres on the paddock. Race tyres purchased from Track Support will get an IDC tyre sticker, street tyres will not. If a participant wishes to order a tyres prior to the event, please contact Track Support.
Track Support
Ketellapperstraat 19
9403 VS Assen 0031 641 776 079

Technical Support

Track Support sells universal parts and can perform minor technical repairs on the paddock.
Besides Track Support, several service providers at each CRT / IDC event provide brand related service and brand related sales of parts on the paddock.
These service providers are:
Edwin Ott Motoren – Yamaha
E-mail: - Tel. 0031 251 315 030
Ten Kate Racing Products – Yamaha - Honda
E-mail: - Tel. 0031 529 488 815
Druijff Racing – Kawasaki
E-mail: - Tel. 0031 612 690 218


When riding on a track, as well as on the road, an optimally adjusted suspension is elementary. During each CRT trackday HK-Suspension gives a theory block about suspension to CRT participants who participate for the first time. During the day the suspension expert in the HK-Suspension pit box adjusts the front and rear suspension of all the CRT participants free of charge

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For participation at a CRT trackday the rider must wear protective leather clothing, or equivalent material, boots, gloves and an approved helmet. The use of a back protector is mandatory. For participants which do not have the proper motor clothing it is possible to rent at the CRT service unit on the paddock a leather motorcycle suit and back protection. Send a mail to Heidi in advance if you want to rent clothing. Heidi mail address:


The participant is responsible for a motorcycle which is in good technical condition and for ensuring that the motorcycle does not produce more noise than is permitted on public roads. The maximum permitted dynamic noise limit is 101 dBA. Individual noise measurements no longer take place. If the daily average is likely to be exceeded, the riding time of the sessions will be shortened.


The use of onboard cameras is only permitted if it is attached to the motorcycle by means of a support. The camera must then be connected to the motorcycle with a safety cable. The use of helmet cameras is not allowed.

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